Caltech COVID19 Update Page

RE: COVID-19 - Office Presence Re-Established (Under Strict Distancing Measures)                                                         
Updated: 20-OCT-2020 @ 08:00am
Business Running @ 95% Service Rate

Hi All, 
From Thursday the 22nd October 2020, there will be a slightly limited number of personnel working in the office under strict distancing measures. This is to allow Caltech to process orders and manage projects for essential service clients and customers. 

As the country has begun to re-open Caltech have responded by furthering its response plan in accordance with government guidelines.
Improvements have been made to office areas with appropriate barriers and signage in place. The office space has been better utilised to segregate personnel as much as is possible and Caltech will gradually facilitate critical personnel within the office area if they wish to chose to operate out of the office. This is of course a choice that we give all our personnel as their safety is paramount to what we do. 

Caltech personnel are consulted on all decisions and changes at all times and have again shown their willingness to adapt to this ever-changing situation. For this we thank them once again.

Some of our staff  continue to operate away from the office and will do so for the next couple of weeks with a gradual planned reintegration into the office environment when again permitted. 

Phones and emails are forwarded, and staff continue to operate to a very high level.

Please understand that response times may be slower than normal as we have encouraged and consulted with our staff to allow them to find a Life-Work balance that is appropriate to these difficult times. The team know they have the flexibility to work when they can, while also tending to essential family services. This means that personnel are working at different times throughout the day and week.  

The *emergency contact number (see bottom of page) is still in place for personnel and companies who require items for essential services. 

We will continue to service your requirements to the highest standards while trying to continue stay at home as much as possible and show our support for the hard working medical personnel in this country.

We again thank all our staff for their continued hard work and flexibility over the last couple of months. Your willingness always to adapt to this challenging, changing situation has been nothing short of top class. While this has not come as any surprise to us, it has been a source of huge inspiration and comfort at this time.

We would like also to thank our customers and clients, both B2B & B2C, for their continued support. We wish you well over the coming weeks. 
We at Caltech firmly believe by coming together and sharing our experiences throughout this testing period we can assist each other in getting through it and come back stronger.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful work being done by personnel in the health service, the supporting sectors to the health service, the defence forces and everybody in the retail and food sectors who are working tirelessly to overcome this fight.

You are all Heroes

We sincerely hope that you all stay safe and well.

Kind Regards,

The Caltech Team

*Emergency Contact Details:

Mark Farrell

Mobile – 086-414-47-38

Email – or