Caltech Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022 Opening & Closing Arrangements                                               
Updated: 01-Dec-2022 @ 08:05am

Dear Valued Customer,

We at Caltech wish to sincerely thank you for your support of our business throughout what has been another difficult year for all. It is always greatly appreciated.

As the end of 2022 approaches, we wish to inform all our customers and partners that Caltech Electrical Supplies’ last day for national deliveries in 2022 will be Tuesday 20th December 2022. This is because of the information we are receiving from our main suppliers with regards their deliveries.

This means that Caltech will only be operating a limited local service on Wednesday 21st of December

We will do all we can to assist with urgent requirements right up to Christmas break closure @ 12:00pm on Thursday the 22nd of December 2022.

Caltech’s offices will re-open again in full on Thursday the 5th January 2022.

As we move into 2023, we have again been informed of price increases from all our main suppliers. As a result, we are left with little option in having to increase our own prices accordingly. These price increases will be in place from Monday the 12th December 2022 for Phoenix Contact Products, from Monday the 4th January 2023 for other suppliers & February 6th 2023 for ABB.

We also anticipate that Q1 will bring a further level of uncertainty when it comes to deliveries. Despite doing all we can to anticipate changes and liaise with suppliers, there exists a great deal of uncertainty with this whole process. We will do our upmost to keep you up to date with changes as they become evident to us.

I would like to finish by wishing You & Yours a Wonderful and Peaceful Christmas and we hope that you all enjoy a very well-deserved break. We look forward to working closely with you in 2023.

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year from All the Caltech Team.

Opening Hours Christmas 2022
Monday 19th December 2022 Open as Normal   
Tuesday 20th December 2022  
Open as Normal
Wednesday 21st December 2022    Limited Opening & Deliveries  
Thursday 22nd December 2022Finished @ 12:00pm
Friday 23rd December 2022 Closed  
Saturday 24th December 2022  Closed  
Sunday 25th December 2022
Monday 26th December 2022
Tuesday 27th December 2022
Wednesday 28th December 2022     
Thursday 29th December 2022
Friday 30th December 2022
Saturday 31st January 2022
Sunday 1st January 2023
Monday 2nd January 2023
Tuesday 3rd  January 2023
Wednesday 4th  January 2023
Closed - Internal Stock-take
Thursday 5th January 2023                Open as Normal