Caltech FAT Protocol

Caltech'S FAT's Are Going Live

Due to COVID-19 Caltech have Introduced Virtual FAT for Live Streaming / Recording of FAT's to allow clients to view FAT in a Safe manner.
In line with our standard FAT system and client input & approval Caltech offer our clients the ability to view the panel FAT from the comfort of their own desk.

Using the latest technology and online meeting platforms, Caltech will live stream all FAT's. 
Caltech will also record the FAT's and make available to the client via safe online sharing platforms and/or client file sharing platforms.

This offers the client the ability to still interact with the FAT process and see the panel up close before being shipped to site. 

Only after the client has reviewed and approved the FAT video and paperwork will the panel be released for shipping to site. 

Caltech strives to bring the highest quality product to its customers and we hope this will ensure we can continue to offer the highest possible standards of FAT in these challenging times.